How much time may I schedule with a consultant?
You may receive up to 120 minutes of writing instruction per week in either 30- or 60-minute increments. Writers may make one appointment per day. We recommend that you schedule 60-minute sessions for longer projects. Those working on lengthy documents should schedule multiple appointments.

How many days in advance may I schedule an appointment?
Writers may schedule appointments up to 14 days (two weeks) in advance. Please contact the WRC if you have special circumstances requiring you to schedule more than 21 days in advance.

What do I need to bring with me to the WRC?
In most cases, writers should bring a printed copy of their drafts and a copy of the assignment, which includes the professor’s e-mail address (for optional faculty reports). You should also come prepared to explain to consultants your primary concerns so that they may best assist you.

Will the consultant work with me on a paper that I have written on my laptop?
It depends on the consultant. Some prefer that writers bring in a printed copy of your paper. If you prefer to work on a laptop, you will need to ask your consultant’s permission first. You should always bring a paper copy the first time that you meet with a consultant. Note that printing for WRC use is available in our Bellflower and Nord Hall locations.

I only want to have a consultant read over my paper to make sure there are no grammar errors. May I still visit the WRC?
Yes, but expect your consultant to provide you with valuable instruction on how to look for and correct these errors yourself. While we are more than happy to assist you with issues of mechanics and grammar, we will not proofread your paper for you. If you are looking for a professional editing service, please e-mail for referrals.

I am having trouble coming up with a topic. May I still visit the WRC?
By all means!  At the WRC, we can assist you with any stage of the writing process – from helping you to interpret the assignment prompt, to coming up with a topic, to drafting and organizing. Be sure to bring as much information (a copy of the assignment, class notes) as is necessary to help your consultant understand your project.

Will my professor know that I visited the WRC?
Only with your permission. If you would like for your professor to receive a brief overview of the writing issues addressed in your session, please be sure to provide their e-mail address to your consultant. 

What happens if I miss an appointment?
Your consultant will indicate on WC Online that you did not attend the session. After three (3) missed sessions, the system will prevent you from making appointments during the semester in which you missed. You will need to contact the WRC to be reinstated. It is best to cancel your appointment – by deleting it on WC Online – prior to your session. You may also give us a call at X6603, e-mail us at, or e-mail your consultant directly, and we will delete the appointment for you. Please note that if you cancel or are marked as a no-show, you will be unable to schedule another WRC appointment for the same day.

When can I cancel my appointment?
You may cancel your appointment up to 30 minutes in advance.  After that, you have committed to the appointment that you have scheduled, and are no longer able to modify or cancel it.  Please note the no-show policy in the FAQ above.

What happens if I am late for an appointment?
Your consultant will wait for you until 10 minutes after the session begins. After that, they will indicate that the appointment has been missed. If you are running late, please e-mail your consultant or consider rescheduling your appointment. Consultants will try to be as flexible as possible, but in some situations they may need to use the time to work with other students.